They say memory is the first to go, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While some issues with memory at an older age are normal, our daily habits can influence just how severe they are. Certain habits and activities boost cognitive abilities. Below are some ways to boost memory.

Exercise: Studies have shown that exercise stimulates the brain. During exercise our brains get more oxygen. It also decreases levels of stress hormones and improves neuroplasticity of certain structures in the brain.

Diet: A balanced diet filled with vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and some healthy fats such as olive oil has a long-term impact on preserving cognitive function. In general, a balanced diet helps with many health issues, not just brain function.

Stress management: Studies show that stress hormones destroy brain cells. They also damage areas of the brain linked with memory. Because of this, stress management is one of the best ways to protect memory. Exercise can help with stress management. Engaging in hobbies or classic relaxation activities such as meditation may help.

Memory is important. Through it we know our lives and where we’ve been. The above habits can help protect and boost our cognitive abilities as we grow older.

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