When people try to lose weight, they often make mistakes without realizing it. These mistakes can make the process of losing weight more stressful and, in some cases, even hinder weight loss. Realizing these pitfalls can make the process more fruitful.

Not reading food labels: Food packaging can be deceptive. Even foods labeled with healthy-sounding claims can contain hidden calories and other unwanted ingredients.

Getting false expectations: In the first few weeks of weight loss, the scale numbers can go down quickly. This usually peters out into more slow and steady loss. This early loss is deceptive as it is often mostly water weight. If the numbers slow down, don’t get discouraged. Living a healthy and active lifestyle will get you there in time.

Skipping on fiber: Eating more fiber can help with weight loss. Fiber helps with feeling full and leads to eating fewer calories. Fiber also can keep some calories from being absorbed.

Not working out: Cardio is great, but weight lifting shouldn’t be neglected. Studies show that weightlifting helps speed up metabolism.

The pitfalls people fall into while trying to lose weight are many. Knowing is half the battle, though, and watching out for mistakes empowers one to change them.

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