Dementia is a hard condition to contend with. The communication skills of people who have it inevitably deteriorate. This can lead to tense moments. It can also open a family member or loved one to saying things that are hurtful to the person with dementia, though often not on purpose. Below, are some things to avoid saying to a person with dementia.

Remember When: Don’t challenge the memory of someone with dementia. If they are far along, then more than likely this will just lead to embarrassment for them. Instead, try talking about your memories and let the person join in if they wish.

I’ve Already Told You: Repeating yourself is frustrating. But, going about it this way only transfers your frustration to others and there is nothing constructive about that.

Would you like some help, sugar: Words like honey, sugar, sweetheart can come across as patronizing. No one likes to feel belittled, people with dementia even more so.

These are some things to avoid saying to people with dementia. Some of these may seem innocuous, but for a person with dementia, they can come across in a very different way.

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