Besides kitchens, bathrooms are the room where most accidents happen. Over 230,000 people are injured there every year, most of whom receive fall-related injuries. Seniors have the highest injury rate. Because of this, it is important to take extra safety precautions. Below we will outline some tips to make bathrooms less risky for seniors.

• Install grab bars: Placing these in strategic locations such as the toilet or bathtub/shower, can help give people leverage when getting up or out. They can also serve as a catch should a fall happen.

• Install non-slip surfaces: These could be mats for the shower/bathtub floor or decals on the bathroom tile. Tile can be as dangerous as the tub floor when wet.

• Install a bathing seat: Overexertion is the 2nd most common cause of bathroom-related injury. These can allow someone to sit down while taking a shower.

• Watch out for hot water: Seniors have an increased risk of hot water burns. Make sure taps are visibly labeled and set the hot water to have a max temperature of 120 F.

• Increase lighting: Good lighting can prevent falls. This is especially true at night. Invest in night lights to keep bathrooms and the halls leading to them well lit.

Bathroom safety is important. Taking precautions and investing in certain tools can help prevent falls and lead to a longer quality of life.

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