HDL cholesterol is responsible for clearing out the body of LDL cholesterol. This is important because high levels of LDL are bad for overall health. Raising levels of HDL can help combat high cholesterol levels overall. Below are some things that can help raise HDL levels.

• Don’t smoke: Smoking cigarettes lowers HDL levels.

• Exercise: Physical activity not only lowers triglycerides, but it can help raise HDL levels.

• Limit processed foods: The high amount of trans and saturated fats in processed foods negatively affects HDL cholesterol.

• Eat nuts: Studies show that small servings of nuts can help raise HDL levels and helps limit the amount of LDL cholesterol absorbed by the body.

While cholesterol is necessary to live, high levels of LDL cholesterol have negative health consequences. Raising HDL levels can help combat it. These above steps can also help manage all cholesterol levels in general.

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