September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. This makes it a good time to discuss it. The American Cancer Society estimates that 22,240 women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer this year. Ovarian cancer ranks as the fifth leading cause of cancer mortalities among women. Early detection is key to increasing survival chances.

Common symptoms include:

• Bloating

• More frequent urination

• Trouble eating

• Pelvic or abdominal pain

• Fatigue

• Upset stomach

• Pain during sex

• Back pain

• Constipation

• Changes in period

• Belly swelling accompanied by weight loss

The first four symptoms are commonly caused by benign disease or other types of cancer. However, when caused by ovarian cancer, symptoms are persistent and change over time. Usually, they become more severe. If you are having these symptoms more than 12 times a month, see a health professional so the issue can be discovered.

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