Personal hygiene is an important part of daily living. Poor hygiene can lead to social isolation as well as health issues. Managing one’s hygiene is seen as a sign of independence. Because of this, retirees are reluctant to discuss the matter, especially when they are lapsing in proper hygiene. A caregiver’s job is to make sure his or her loved one’s needs are met, so this issue cannot be ignored. Below is advice on how to approach this subject with understanding and compassion.

The main thing to know before confronting your loved one is why there is a lapse in personal hygiene. If you know that, you can approach him or her from a place of understanding. You would also be able to come forward with solutions rather than just pointing out that he or she has a problem. Presenting a solution often makes the conversation easier to swallow for the loved one.

There are many reasons why a loved one may have lapsed in his or her personal hygiene. These can range from depression to memory loss to physical challenges. No matter what the reason is, it is important to not deny that there is an issue. Discussing the problem and coming up with a solution will help both parties in the end.

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