Cardiovascular disease is a major health concern. This is especially true for retirees. However, getting older can make exercising harder. Yoga can be safe for seniors and research increasingly backs up claims of it being good for heart health. Yoga’s benefits to the heart include:

• Stress: Chronic stress causes strain on the heart and can lead to damage. One of yoga’s strongest benefits is its ability to facilitate relaxation of both body and mind.

• Weight loss: Excess weight can cause heart problems. Yoga, especially when combined with other exercises, can help with weight loss.

• Blood pressure: The deep breathing associated with yoga can help lower blood pressure.

• Blood sugar: The stretching and exercising of muscles helps them become more sensitive to insulin. This helps the body control blood sugar better.

• Improving muscles: Yoga can help strengthen muscles and improve balance. This can enable a person to be able to lead a more active life.

The benefits of yoga are many and can help overall health. Before starting yoga, you should consult with your doctor.

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