Getting older does not mean having to be excluded from Halloween fun. With the right planning, anyone can have a good time. Here are some fun party ideas for seniors on Halloween.

• Jack-O-Lanterns: A classic tradition. Making one of these can really help set the right spirit for the holiday. However, if you’re not comfortable with giving out sharp objects, you can buy black markers and draw on the pumpkins instead.

• Hot Pumpkin: Basically hot potato but with an orange bean bag. Have a group of friends sit in a circle and pass around the bean bag while music is playing. Stop the music and whoever still has the bean bag is out.

• Halloween Trivia: Do some research about Halloween and come up with fun trivia questions. Be sure to have a fun prize for the one who gets the most questions right.

• Movie Marathon: This one requires knowing what the people you are planning for will enjoy. You can do a horror movie marathon, provided no one would get too upset about it. If not, there are plenty of fun, light-hearted, Halloween movies out there.

• Share scary stories: Once again, know the people you’re planning this event for. If they can handle scary, go for it.

Halloween can be fun for anyone, provided the right planning goes into it.

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