Having a healthy diet is important to overall health. It’s even more important for people who have conditions like atrial fibrillation (A-Fib). It is an irregular heartbeat that can lead to issues such as fatigue, heart palpitation, and shortness of breath. Diet can impact the severity or recurrence of symptoms. Some foods are good to eat while others may not be.

Here is a list of foods to either limit or avoid in one’s diet.

• Caffeine: A little caffeine is fine, but large amounts of it can raise heart rates.

• Alcohol: Studies have shown that alcohol consumption can trigger a-fib episodes. One or two drinks a day is fine but try to avoid any more than that.

• Leafy greens: The vitamin K present in leafy green vegetables can interfere with certain a-fib medications. A small amount of greens is ok.

• Grapefruit juice: A natural chemical in grapefruit can interfere with certain a-fib medications.

• Salt: High amounts of salt can raise blood pressure.

• High-fat foods

Eating healthy is all about balance. A balanced diet full of essential nutrients goes a long way towards overall health for everyone.

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