Sometimes, there is a need for elderly loved ones to move. It can be because they want to downsize, to move closer to family, or other reasons. Whatever the reason, the process is often stressful. Below are some tips to make the move easier.

• Let the loved one have some say about the moving arrangements: Seniors can be emotionally invested in the home they are leaving. This leads to sadness about the move. It can also lead to feelings of loss of control. Allow the loved one as much choice as possible about where they are moving and making the arrangements.

• Enlist relatives: Moving is a big job and moving companies can be expensive. Getting relatives to help you can make the packing and moving processes less time-consuming and may help save some money. Moreover, having friends and family as part of the process can provide comfort.

• Be aware of emotions: Moving can trigger emotions, some of which may not be pleasant. There can be a lot of sadness that comes with moving. Let the loved one work through his or her emotions while moving. Be aware of any emotions you may have as well.

• Sort and organize: Divide household items into four categories, items to keep, items to leave with other family members, items to donate, and items to throw out.

Moving at any age can be stressful. Hopefully, these tips can help make the situation easier.

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