When caring for loved ones with long-term or chronic illness, one question that pops up is when is in-home assistance needed? This is a good question. Committing to hiring an in-home aide is a major, potentially expensive, step. It’s wise to know if in-home assistance is necessary before taking the plunge. We’ll outline some signs that it might be needed below.


  • Certain caregiving activities pose risk to the caregiver: If the loved one needs help with moving, that can put the caregiver or care receiver at risk of injury.
  • The caregiver feels overwhelmed: Caregiving is not easy. There are many tasks that need to be done and one person can only do so much. If someone is struggling to keep up with the demands, he or she could probably use an extra hand.
  • The caregiver’s neglecting his or her own health: Sometimes, with all that must be done, a caregiver may neglect taking care of personal health to make time to care for a loved one. Extra help can give the caregiver time for self-care.


Caregiving is a noble task; however, it is not an easy one. Sometimes assistance is needed. If you or someone you know needs help, remember we are here to provide support. Our caregivers make many activities of daily living easier.

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