Hearing loss presents challenges to everyday life. One of these can be feeling ignored or lost at a family gathering. This, in turn, can put a damper on the event. Up to one-third of adults between 65-74 struggle with some degree of hearing loss. Here are some tips for making family gatherings easier for hearing-impaired loved ones.

Reduce background noise: This type of noise can prove a major distraction for the hearing-impaired. This can include having the tv or stereo blaring. Try reducing the volume on such devices.

Keep seating selection in mind: Consider placing the person in a livelier area of the table. It can make them feel more involved and it can make it easier to hear everyone.

Plan activities that can be done without a lot of talking: These can include arts, crafts, or playing board games based on counting and moving.

Most importantly, be an empathetic listener. This means having patience with the person you are dealing with. Also, make sure you are clearly facing the person when you are talking to him or her. This can make a lot of difference.

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