One symptom many people associate with dementia is repeating oneself. When forgetfulness leads to these moments, people get worried. Could it mean something more? Potentially, though some verbal repetition and forgetfulness is part of getting older. Verbal repetition, in and of itself, is not a sign of dementia. However, when coupled with other issues, it might be. Here are some other issues to look out for:

• How often repetition occurs: Repeating the same story from day to day is not that worrisome, but if the repetition occurs within the same conversation, that is a possible sign.

• Confusion when trying to follow a conversation: If one is finding it difficult to track the flow of conversation, that can be a sign of something more.

• Jumbling words during conversation.

• Asking the same question multiple times throughout the day.

• The repetition is paired with forgetfulness that affects living daily life.

• The person has become reclusive since the repetition began.

For those who have concerns, consult with your doctor. He or she can administer tests to see if there is a cognitive issue going on.

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