Spring is here. With the coming of warmer weather, the outdoors will call to us. This includes getting back to our gardens. This not only leads to pretty flowers and tasty vegetables, but it is also a good form of exercise. However, older age can bring some challenges. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Use raised beds: Raised bets not only help with drainage, but they also keep seniors from having to strain as much when weeding/tending the garden.
  • Try to make vertical gardens: Growing vining plants upward using trellises, bamboo stakes, walls, or tomato cages can make an easier garden to tend to and harvest. They are also good space savers for those with limited space.
  • Work in the morning or evenings: These times of day are less hot and taxing to work in.
  • Practice proper bending: Bending at the knees and hips can reduce strain and reduce pain.
  • Start out small: If you’re not used to gardening, start out small. Try just one or two raised beds and see how you like it. You can expand your garden from there.

Gardening is a great hobby to take up. It gets us outdoors and is a great source of physical activity.

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