Falling is a major health concern for older adults as they are the leading cause of fatal injury among this age group. Over one in four adults aged 65 and older fall each year, so it is a common issue. One preventative measure is paying attention to shoes. Certain kinds of shoes are better at preventing falls than others. We will outline some of them below.

  • Shoes with nonskid soles: The better grip the soles have on the ground the less likely a fall is to happen.
  • Properly fitting shoes: Shoes should fit snugly, but not too tightly. If shoes do not fit correctly, it may alter the way you walk, which can lead to falls. It’s recommended to get your feet professionally measured when you buy shoes.
  • Shoes with a high back: This provides support to the ankle.
  • Shoes with flat or low heels: High heels come with the risk of twisting an ankle. Be aware of shoes with narrow heels as well.
  • Consider Velcro: If you’re someone for whom balance or bending down is an issue, it might be best to switch over to Velcro instead of laces.

Shoes can really make a difference. Examine yours to see if they are good enough today.

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