It’s not uncommon to hear older adults talking about sleeping problems. Experts do believe that aging can cause some changes in sleep. However, this does not mean that all sleep issues are normal aging. Here are some common causes of sleep issues in older adults.

Oftentimes, sleep issues are caused by an underlying medical problem. These can include conditions such as heart and lung disorders, acid reflux, osteoarthritis, depression, and more. Also, certain medications may cause issues with sleep.

Sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD) can be a common problem as well. These include conditions such as sleep apnea. SRBDs become more common with age, but treatment options are available.

Restless leg syndrome is another common cause of sleep deprivation. Symptoms include sensations of itching, crawling, and restlessness while trying to sleep.

Sleep disorders do not have to be something accepted with age. If sleep is an issue, please seek out a doctor. He or she can help discover the underlying causes and plan treatment options.

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