Snacking can get a bad rep at times. It is true that excessive snacking can contribute to unhealthy weight gain. However, there are some health benefits for snacking. Studies have shown that eating smaller meals more frequently may be healthier than larger meals. Smart snacking can help stave off hunger and lead to better weight management. Here are some tips for smart snacking.

  • Count calories: A snack is just that, a snack. A good snack should have no more than 300 calories.
  • Eat protein: Protein can help make a snack more filling and cut down on cravings later.
  • Eat fiber: Fiber is a good compliment to protein. Fiber helps keep us feeling fuller.
  • Eat mindfully: Try to eat snacks without distractions. This helps with satiety.
  • Prepare snacks ahead of time: This way you can try to pack healthy foods and avoid junk food.

Snacking is ok when in moderation and the foods are part of a healthy diet.

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