Respite care is short-term relief for primary caregivers. This allows the caregiver a few hours up to a few days away from the tasks of caregiving. During this time, aides will provide services to the one receiving care.

Caregiver burnout is real. One cannot give if he or she is running on empty. Respite care gives caregivers time to recharge. Respite care can also be used should the primary caregiver become sick. Depending on the illness, it could be inadvisable to allow the caregiver to be around the care receiver. Respite care can also be used in case the primary caregiver needs to go somewhere else. For instance, should another member of the family fall ill and he or she wants to travel to visit.

While respite care is being given, the primary care giver can pursue other activities. These can range from running errands, to visiting friends, to taking a vacation, to just taking a relaxing walk. The idea of respite care is to enable the caregiver to do something besides provide care for a period of time.

Remember, we can provide respite services. Our aides can come into the home and provide services such as dressing, assistance with bathing, assistance with walking, cleaning, meal prep and more.

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