Elderly Caucasian man sleeping holding book with text "How People with Vision Loss Can Enjoy Books"

Reading novels, short stories, and poetry is a pastime enjoyed by many. Vision loss may make it more difficult to read print. However, there is still a way for people with vision loss to enjoy their favorite stories.

Audiobooks (or books on CD, tape, and mp3) provide an alternative way to interpret a written story. People with vision loss can follow along with a novel by listening. Audiobooks allow for a similar experience to reading the traditional way. Listening to a narrator read a book can be an enjoyable, entertaining pastime to those with vision loss.

Popular websites such as Audible and Google Play have audiobooks to download or stream online for purchase. There are also websites with free, typically public domain titles in audiobook form such as LibriVox and Project Gutenberg. CDs with audiobooks can be found and purchased from local retailers, while thrift stores may have audiobooks in older formats such as cassette tapes. Of course, free audiobooks can be borrowed from the local library.

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