Close-up of two grey socks with penguin heads on them with text "Icy Feet"

Cold feet don’t always mean getting nervous for an event. Some people literally have icy, cold feet. Feet that feel cold to them or cold to the touch, or even both. Are cold feet a product of the environment or an underlying health concern?

Here are a few possible culprits behind cold feet:
• Poor circulation
• Anxiety or stress
• Metabolic issues
• Smoking and alcohol intake
• Anemia
• Hypothyroidism

One of the easiest things to help with cold feet is to exercise. Get up and walk around if you have been sitting for a while. The movement will help circulate blood throughout the body and warm up those icy toes. Try running in place or some jumping jacks, that is sure to get the blood pumping. If you are unable to stand, try doing a few leg swings from a chair or the edge of your bed, swing the legs backward and forward for at least 30-50 times. This easy exercise will help get the blood flowing into the legs and feet.

A few home remedies may help those frosty feet:
• Exercise is the best remedy to help keep the blood circulating throughout the body
• Thermal or wool socks, try wearing socks to bed
• Warm footbaths
• Foot massages can help keep the blood moving in the feet
• Heating pads or hot water bottles can improve circulation

Cold feet are a nuisance, but adding a little extra attention to wardrobe may be all you need to fight back. Arm yourself with some toasty foot warming tactics and once your toes have thawed, they’re going to thank you. If you suspect a medical problem related to cold feet, be sure to bring this up with your primary care provider.

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