Dos and Don’ts for Fab Feet with Diabetes. Pedicure Pointers. A picture of a woman's foot with some pedicure supplies.

With spring and summer our thoughts are focused on getting out of the house and enjoying warmer weather. Flip flops and sandals become a high priority. Millions of people living with diabetes can be affected by the disease in multiple ways, such as numbness, neuropathy, ulcers, and more. Taking care of diabetic feet is important, and pedicures can be a good way to maintain healthy feet.

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when getting a pedicure.

• Make sure there is no open skin on feet and legs. Open skin, such as a razor cut, can lead to infection in an environment like a foot tub.

• Check the sanitation of the salon.

• Communicate with the technician and let them know you have diabetes.

• Avoid services that may lead to a cut or scrape.

• Perform daily inspections of your feet and moisturize daily.

A few tips about caring for diabetic feet:

• Trim nails to the shape of the toe.

• Avoid using sharp tools to clean under the nails.

• Be sure to dry all the moisture between toes.

• Don’t apply nail polish to cover yellowing or thickening nails, as this could be a sign of a fungal infection.

• For some diabetics, foot care should be performed by a clinician. Check with your doctor.

It is important to care for our feet in a safe and healthy way. Regular pedicures are a wonderful way to make sure our feet are always cared for – and besides, a little pampering never hurts. Right?

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