Saying No to Soda Equals Healthy Kidneys. A glass of soda beside a cup full of sugar pouring out.

Most of us love to have a refreshing drink for supper each night, like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. However, do we ever stop to think about how it affects the body? Carbonated beverages are not a healthy choice, and they can result in underlying problems like kidney stones. Arkansas Urology suggests that many people suffering from kidney stones do not have enough water in their diets. Instead, water is replaced with something that tastes better and has more sugar, like soda. 1

The Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology published a study that analyzed data from 194,095 participants over eight years.2 Most participants were middle-aged and had no history of kidney stones. The participants who drank one or more sugar-sweetened colas per day were 23% more likely to have kidney stones than those who just drank them once a week. The risk was 33% higher for those who drank sugar-sweetened clear, non-cola sodas once a day versus once a week.2

Soda can be one of the unhealthiest choices, but many other sweetened drinks can take a toll on the body, too. In this same study, sugar and artificially sweetened noncola, punch, and caffeinated coffee were tested and had many of the same outcomes. Whereas the consumption of coffee, tea, orange juice, beer, and wine had a lower risk of kidney stones.

While getting plenty of fluids aids in the prevention of kidney stones, it is all about the beverage choice.


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